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Toru Matsuura how do you do?

I am happy that I can introduce how do you do? by Toru Matsuura. Known as a guitarist, this entire album was recorded in 1991 and kept stored away in a closet. It was composed using a Roland S-50 digital PCM sampler keyboard and a Kawai Q-80 MIDI sequencer. Here, his interest in South-East Asian culture is nicely blended into strange exotic Rock music.

Yamaoka Yasuhiro November 2010.

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All compostions by Toru Matsuura, November 1991. Digitally remastered by Yasuhiro Yamaoka, November 2010.
©2010 Toru Matsuura

download: full package (ZIP: 81.6MB)

Toru Matsuura how do you do? program